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A letter from our PTA President

Denice Ramage-Klaus


Good afternoon members of Bixby PTA,
My sincere apologies for not getting this email out sooner. As with everyone, life has simply been a whirlwind the past few days and I am finally able to sit down to type out a communication.  While we are all trying to navigate through the (sometimes) minute by minute changes being imposed, I try to find comfort knowing we are all in this thing called life together.  Please know that every Bixby family is in our constant thoughts and prayers during these times of adversity.
While all PTA membership activities have come to a halt, the Executive Board is still doing business as usual via online meeting platforms. We have events that still need to wrap up for Fit A Thon as well as some spring activities that were scheduled. As more information comes our way we will start evaluating what the recovery plan looks like once school is back in session. As a residence of Long Beach you can always follow @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or log onto http://www.longbeach.gov/COVID-19 for guidance and up to date information.
One thing I have learned very quickly is I am not a good candidate for homeschooling my children…. haha. I’m not sure about you but our routine is completely in the hose and just getting our standard daily reading in seems to be difficult.   We also encounter the social aspect of things.  My household thrives on social settings whether it be just showing up to school to see buddies, a baseball outing with our team, on the football field running routes or simply going to lunch with our friends.  Trying to find and/or create some sense of normalcy when there is nothing normal about all this………. that is the challenge we all face.
Remember Social Distancing does not require emotional distancing.  Reach out to fellow parents, friends and family daily to check in on them.  You never know who is needing some of YOU 🙂

Be well Bixby and we shall see you all soon.

Denice Ramage-Klaus
Bixby PTA President