Contact Us

Our school staff is available to assist you. Please take note of the important phone numbers, internet resources and front-line folks listed on the Bixby School Website.

Our Principal, Sam Platis, is the captain of our ship. He is the instructional leader who keeps the school running smoothly, basing all of his decisions on what is best for all of our children.

Our Counselor, Ms. Veca, is in charge of a variety of programs, testing and school related issues. She is at Bixby five days a week, and is an additional great resource for educational questions.

The first smiling face you’re likely to see in the Main Office at Bixby is our school Secretary, Ms. Yong. She and our office support staff are the vital link between the school and the community. Do you need to get a true emergency message to your child or teacher? Call Ms. Yong in the front office. Please note that the beginning of the school day and the dismissal time are the busiest times in the office. Please be patient with our staff.

Finally, for PTA matters, fundraising support ideas, and overall parent involvement, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to

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