PTA Committee Chair Contacts Page

If you are interested in becoming a Committee Chair please contact

Thanks for volunteering! Volunteers like YOU are what make our school so great!!

Q: What is a Bixby PTA Committee?

A:  A PTA Committee is a group of volunteer parents, guardians, and school staff who want to help put together an event or activity at Bixby.  These volunteers do not necessarily need to be PTA members (but for an $8 annual membership, why not join?). Some Committees are established annual events that are well-organized and may already have dedicated binders full of info to help the assigned Committtee Chairperson manage the event. Committee Chairs work with the PTA Executive Board and the Principal for event details and approval. 

Q:  What is the difference between a…

1) Committee CHAIR and a…

2) Committee MEMBER?

A1:  The Committee CHAIR is the primary leader of a Committee. NOTE: Some Committees may have CO-CHAIRS – two or more people taking leadership responsibility for the event or activity. The CHAIR is in charge of reaching out / recruiting other Bixby parents to help with their particular committee; maintaining regular communication with the PTA Board and Committee MEMBERS; making sure that everyone is clear on committee details and arrangements, meeting times, etc.

A2:  Committee MEMBERS are those people who volunteer to help out with a particular committee. Depending on the event and the needs of the Committee Chair, members may volunteer to be responsible for one particular part of the event, or for overall support. The more committee members for an event, the lighter the workload for everyone!