Principal Message


*An outstanding first day of school at Florence Bixby Elementary!

*”Florence Bixby Reads One Book” Series:  Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success, available for purchase at (

Dear Florence Bixby Elementary School Families,

Our first step on “OUR Journey to Success and OUR Personal Best” was an inspiring one today.  Thank you for all of your continued support and hard work to prepare your child for an outstanding school year.  Students arrived with smiles, in uniform, and with an unshakable growth mindset.  We are indeed a very fortunate community of learners, and it is precisely because of everyone working together that our students will achieve their Personal Best (as the late, great Coach John Wooden would say).

Speaking of Coach Wooden, I had the pleasure and true privilege of doing a mini-lesson in every classroom with all 472 students at Florence Bixby today. Students learned about Coach Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” (click here to learn more about the Pyramid of Success:  We talked about how a warm, yet demanding teacher has been proven through research to make a tremendously significant, positive impact on learning, achievement and character development.  Please ask your child/ren what we learned today about Coach Wooden’s lasting legacy, and how we will use it at Florence Bixby to build a path on OUR Journey to Success and OUR Personal Best.   If you would like to read Coach Wooden’s classic children’s book and add it to your home library, here is the link to purchase it on 

Here’s to OUR journey, together!

With continued gratitude,

–Sam Platis, Proud Principal, Florence Bixby Elementary School

Sam Platis