Listed below are descriptions of the various programs we have here at Bixby that truly make our school unique. These programs would not be possible without the assistance of PTA and Bixby Staff. 

Healthy Choices Week (Oct) 

  • Healthy Choices Week replaces Red Ribbon Week shifting the emphasis from don’t do drugs to a more positive approach. Each day has a theme for kids to dress and participate in such as: Go Green Day! Wear green and eat a green fruit or veggie. 

Author’s Festival

  • Once a year, a published Author comes to Bixby and shares their journey of writing with Bixby kids. Great opportunity for parents to join in, and to buy a signed copy of the Author’s book!   

Meet the Masters

  • Students learn about a featured artist during assemblies held three times a year from the outsourced company Meet the Masters. Students receive a art history lesson. Then the teacher and or parent goes over the artist technique. Students are then given an opportunity to embrace the style and become the featured artist. The finished product is a enlightened student and a wonderful take home masterpiece to show off to parents! 

Science Enrichment

  • Students come out of their classrooms to a science-centered assembly to get a new and hands-on learning opportunity. An enrichment project to supplement K-5 science curriculum (and make it fun!).

Learning Garden

  • Parent volunteers for each class will bring them into the garden for a planting lesson. Such as planting cool season veggie seeds-peas, carrots, beets, and kale.


  • Students were introduced to recycling at an assembly by Grades of Green. After lunch students sort their trash by compost, recycle, and waste. Bixby has accepted the Zero Waste Lunch Challenge and will compete with 25 other schools for a cash prize.