PTA Hours

IMPORTANT! Log Your PTA Volunteer Hours!!

Parents! Please keep track of any time you spend working toward any PTA activity or event. Collection of hours is important to our organization for many reasons. Maintaining federal tax exemption is one of the most important. An organization granted nonprofit charitable status must receive one-third of its support from the general public. Volunteer hours also raise the public awareness of the organization. Foundation grantors request the number of volunteer hours when considering apportionment of grant funds. While most people don’t want to be singled out individually the hours for the whole organization are important.

What hours should be counted?

Time spent writing PTA agenda, minutes, correspondence, reports or newsletter articles. Time spent on any PTA-related activities at school or within the community. Telephone time regarding PTA business. Travel time to and from PTA activities. Attendance at meetings, workshops, committees and any functions related to PTA work. This does not include VIP hours such as class field trips or volunteering in the classroom.