Recycling Green Team Page

Our entire school continues to excel at our Trash Free Lunch Challenge.  From October through mid-March, our families, students, and staff have reduced the amount of trash generated during lunch by over 82%!  As a result, Grades of Green (the non-profit group that coordinated the Challenge among 26 Southern California schools) has awarded Florence Bixby with the Best Green Team award.  Our “student-powered” Green Team will be recognized by Grades of Green at our Monday Morning Assembly on April 3rd.  Thank you to everyone who has encouraged our students to be good stewards of the environment; it truly has been a positive, transforming experience for our school!

Dear Families and Neighbors,

Florence Bixby Elementary School has accepted the Zero Waste Lunch Challenge to minimize waste and minimize our carbon footprint.  We are competing against 25 other schools in Southern California through the non-profit Grades of Green (check them out at  


NEEDED:  Individuals or groups that can pick up two to three bags of pre-compost material (natural waste that is not edible) per day.

HOW:  Come to the front office at Florence Bixby Elementary School (5251 East Stearns Street, 90815) or call 562.498.3794 to make pick up arrangements.

WHEN:  Anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (for pick up) or 562.498.3794 call between 7:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m.

If you have a home garden, community garden, and a truck, this material (your typical pre-compost items) is yours free for the taking.

*Note:  We’re also in the process of working with Food Finders, a local non-profit that picks up non-consumed food items for donation to local food banks, as well as re-doubling our efforts to recycle every single item that we can keep out of the trash and land fills!  

SO, help Florence Bixby win the Zero Waste Lunch Challenge today, and help us save the Earth by showing why, “Everything’s Better When YOU’RE at Bixby!”

With gratitude,
–Sam Platis
Proud Principal, Florence Bixby Elementary School