Healthy Choices Week Page

Healthy Choices Week

A whole week dedicated to making healthy life choices for Bixby Beavers for their minds, bodies, and spirits. Respect yourself and your future by making healthy decisions NOW! 

Mon, Oct 23: Morning Assembly – Healthy Choices Kickoff (uniform dress) – Screen Free Monday

Monday Healthy Choices week kick-off at Morning Assembly.  Screen Free Monday. Students can take a pledge in class to eliminate screen time today other than what is used in or for school.  Excessive screen time is linked to poor school performance, childhood obesity, and attention problems. Let’s stay away from TV, surfing the web, and playing with apps or video games and spend more time reading, playing, creating, or spending time with family and friends.

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Screen Free

Tues, Oct 24: Go Green Tuesday

Wear all green and eat a green fruit or vegetable at lunch.  Putting natural food in our bodies keeps us healthy!  Have some green grapes, or a green apple, or even some kiwis.  Try new things.  Who has had swiss chard, arugula, or broccoli rabe? There is a wonderful variety of healthy green things we can munch on.  


Wed, Oct 25:  Workout Wednesday

Wear your favorite team’s jersey or a sports uniform (no cleats, please) to celebrate physical activity. Keeping active on a regular basis is such a big part of being healthy.  With healthy bodies we can concentrate better in school and we even get better sleep at night.  Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce many health problems and mental difficulties. Starting regular exercise as children makes it even easier to continue as adults.

Team Jerseys

Thurs, Oct 26:  Thinking Cap Thursday  

Wear a hat to focus on our heads and keeping our minds and brains healthy. Many of the things that we do to keep our bodies healthy are also very helpful for our brains.  Some ideas for keeping our minds healthy are to be active, eat healthy, get a good amount of sleep every night, and learning. Can you believe that you are making your brain stronger and healthier every day you are in school?  

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Red Cap

Fri, Oct 27:  Food Focus Friday and Harvest Festival 

Wear crazy and bright colors to represent the variety of fruits and veggies that we should be eating every day. “Eat The Rainbow” is a simple and fun way to remember that we should be consuming a wonderful range of colors of our fruits and vegetables. Certain colors of food actually show us that the food has specific nutrients.  For example, yellow and orange fruits often have a lot of vitamins C and A, whereas purple produce has vitamins C and K. has excellent information about good eating choices.

Rainbow shirt