Room Reps

What Is A Room Rep?

• A Room Rep is the communication link between your child’s teacher, the school, and all of the other parents in your child’s classroom. Bixby’s goal is to share information with every student and family, and to lessen the load on our teachers, so that they can do what they do best: Teach!

• If you choose to sign up as a Room Rep, our Room Rep Chair (Danielle Frick) will contact you with helpful information and documents to help you establish a classroom roster of parent phone numbers and email addresses. E-mail is a particularly easy and time-saving way to send information to all of the families in your child’s class, but flyers may also be used for families without an e-mail address.

What Does a Room Rep Do?

• Forwards E-mails: Here’s how it works: 1. The Room Rep Chair sends e-mail messages and monthly calendars to all of the Room Reps about school-wide and PTA-related activities throughout the school year. 2. Each Room Rep distributes the information to their classroom parents. Oftentimes, Room Reps share the information by simply clicking “forward” on an e-mail.

• Communicates with the Teacher: The Room Rep touches base with the teacher (by e- mail or in person), so that classroom-based information is distributed to parents, and the class can run smoothly for the teacher, and for the room full of learning children.

• Communicates Any Classroom Needs to the Parents: The Room Rep notifies parents about what might be needed in the classroom, such as hand sanitizer, tissue boxes, crayons, glue sticks, etc.

• Lets Parents Know That They Can Volunteer, Too!  The Room Rep shares VIPS (Volunteer in Public Schools) information with classroom parents, so that if they want to, they can help out in the classroom once a week, once a month, or whenever, and can also help during field trips or special events like the Harvest Festival.

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