VIPS & Volunteer Hours



“Volunteers in Public Schools.”

Sign up today if you’d like to be a VIPS and help out at Bixby!

As a VIPS, you can work in the classroom or go on field trips, help at the Book Fair, Meet the Masters, etc.

You MUST BE A VIPS TO VOLUNTEER ON A FIELD TRIP, so sign up today if you want to join your child on any class field trips!

Click Here for VIPS application

VIPS Hours

Once a VIP you can begin to volunteer! Thanks!!

Follow the below steps when volunteering:

  1. Confirm the volunteer date with your child’s teacher
  2. Sign-in at the front office
  3. Find your VIPS badge and pin it so the badge is visible
  4. Go to your child’s classroom
  5. When complete sign-out at the front office
  6. Return VIPS badge